Persona Building

Workshop and Prep

Ria’s Digital customer can mean many things when it comes to the types of people that use our product. We set out to define the various personas we have always discussed and talked about when building user stories. We worked as a team (Content Strategist, Designers, and Copywriter) to reach out and interview our customers. Once we had insights and common problems or roadblocks our customers face, we started to work on organizing the data. We laid out our findings and common problems using stickies and a timeline.

** These images are from the second workshop we did to refresh our personas.

We divided our timeline based on thoughts/actions our users would feel during their time as a customer above the divider and Ria’s internal actions below the divider.

We then started to organize the stickies into patterns. These patterns were the team’s foundation for the six different personas we developed.


We developed some persona posters to hang around the office to remind our office who our users really are. Over time, we introduced more products and features that started to attract different subsets of users. Keeping personas up to date is important, and something we have always put aside time for.

Developing these personas as your team starts to realize the new traits and goals of users is important, so much so that we have decided to re-do our personas just a few years after our original personas were developed.

** Persona Posters designed by Lexie Kaplan (2016)